Transform your customer journey now, and convert each customer contact into a positive customer experience that exceeds expectations and boosts customer loyalty. Get to grips with the ever-changing demands within the digital market and use cutting-edge BPM technology for your customer journey to ensure continuous process improvement.


iBPMS is a smart and completely new technology that gives your entire organisation control over all your processes and also helps you transform your IT ecosystem into ONE easy-to-operate smart solution, AuraPortal. Awarded first place in each category by OVUM, lauded as ‘best Cloud product’ in the field of iBPMS by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, Gartner ‘Leading Visionary’ and, not least, winner of the ‘Most innovative application on Microsoft Azure’.



FourICT has plenty of experience in system networking using, among other things, web services and APIs (SOAP/XML, REST, JSON). In particular for companies that have multiple source systems in operation (such as ERP, CRM, CMS/website). A link from the process to a source system or service can be made straight from iBPMS AuraPortal. But in complex situations, it may be preferable to use an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).



In projects relating to the optimisation of business processes, situations may arise that call for additional solutions. What about, for instance, being able to consult information via an app, portal, dashboard or even a digital job order as a unique dossier for the information/production chain as a whole. We also offer these services at the point that the situation calls for it.


Success stories
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More efficient processes at KPN with AuraPortalSuccess in telecommunications

With the ‘right first time’ principle as its core message, AuraPortal has been used within KPN to fully automate the supply chain in terms of applications for ethernet, IP and VPN connections. Indeed, various processes are now ‘zero-touch’, the benefit being a rapid drop in turnaround time, from more than several days to just 10 minutes. And just as important, a greatly improved customer experience (quality and reliability), the NPS score having risen from 5.6 to 8.4. In 2014, KPN was nominated for the Best Practice BPM award on the basis of the initial results.

Successful system integration at HVCSuccess in the Energy sector

HVC was faced with a challenge in terms of the new ‘cradle-to-cradle’ model, namely to unlock information efficiently from various source systems, so that they could then be forwarded to the sales personnel in digital form. The new service is now being sold in greater numbers, and the people in the back office are able to use a dashboard to keep up with developments in the sales team. A prime example of how information can be used intelligently by using unique source systems and smart interface technology.

More grip on planning with FourTransSuccess in the logistics sector

With FourTrans we can show that automation really pays, and can pay for itself quickly. With FourTrans it is possible to register journeys, then to schedule them, and a useful app is available for communication with the drivers. At the scheduling stage, the journey is linked to a driver and HGV/trailer. At that point, the driver gets a message on his mobile, including the required paperwork (in digital format). Once the journey has started, the person doing the scheduling work is also alerted. Once the goods have been unloaded, the party taking delivery uses the app to sign for the goods digitally, and the transaction is concluded digitally. A great example of a digital transformation within the logistics sector.

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