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Your personal data. You’d like to know why we ask for your personal data and what we do with it. We are happy to explain. If having read this page you have any questions, please contact us at

Top security

We store very safely under lock and key all data you provide us with, using one of the most modern techniques: the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Anyone with no business having access to your data will simply be denied such access. If we do forward your data to someone else – we explain below why and when we do this – then we insist that this other party handles your data with the same level of care as we do, and that it only uses it for the purpose for which it has been given. Should you suspect that this may not be the case, please let us know by e-mailing us at

FourICT only uses your data to obtain website traffic statistics. This means that we do not under any circumstances forward your personal data to any third party.


To ensure that the FourICT works effectively, we use cookies. Cookies gather data that enable a website to function effectively. The cookies from FourICT are safe. They are unable to obtain any personal data and are safe for your pc, laptop, telephone or tablet.

Cookies ensure that:

  • you remain logged on and can surf the web without disruption;
  • you can read and write reviews and watch videos;
  • the website reacts quickly;
  • errors and inconveniences are identified;
  • improvements can be tested;
  • you can share content via social media such as Facebook and Google.

Most cookies of disappear when you close your browser. Some cookies will remain for a few days, up to a few years, but you can delete these yourself via your browser whenever you want.

Delete or turn off cookies

You can always delete or turn off cookies yourself via your browser settings. The method for changing your browser settings is explained under the Help tab in most browsers. Please note: most websites will not work optimally if you switch off cookies.