iBPMS by AuraPortal

FourICT is the strategic partner of AuraPortal International

FourICT has been a Certified Partner of AuraPortal since 2012 and, since 2018, an EMEA implementation partner (Europe, Middle-East and North Africa). With the powerful AuraPortal iBPM Suite, we support organisations in the automation and optimisation of critical (and other) business processes. We do that with a team of experienced, certified consultants. By combining knowledge of processes and IT with the powerful Workflow Engine, and the opportunities offered by AuraPortal’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, we can help you make your entire value chain transparent. The market is increasingly demanding rapid change, and AuraPortal makes that possible for you. And all that on the basis of zero coding.

Benefits of AuraPortal
Why AuraPortal will be a success within your organisation:

Satisfied customers

A positive customer experience is essential in a market in which distance has become a relative concept. Rapid response times, the right information and an appropriate, competitive price are important components of the ‘customer journey’.

Boost to your productivity

AuraPortal implementations across the world have resulted in enormous improvements in productivity. There are even organisations that have succeeded in boosting productivity by between 60% and 85%.


With a high level of task automation, it will be possible for you to concentrate on efficiency drives within your organisation. This means, not least, that your staff will be able to put more time and effort into more complex work.

Reduction in expense and time

Optimisation of your processes has a single aim: reducing your operational expense. By making the best use of the required sources (your IT ecosystem) and by linking this to their duties and roles, non-automated actions can be kept to a minimum.

Overall overview

By combining all information within your organisation, you can regain complete control. Throughout the supply chain. You will be able to see the things that go well, but also the things that need a little more attention. You will be able to intervene where necessary and perform management duties on the basis of facts rather than emotions.


By giving workers clear-cut duties and instructions supported by smart web pages and mobile apps, they can once more focus on the core business, while ancillary matters will be a thing of the past.

Making the right decisions

By bringing a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) and Analysis module to bear on the data that is generated from the processes (via control points), you will be in a position to make the right decisions on the basis of real-time information.

Optimising communications

By centralising communications in your organisation, it will be possible to make process improvements at short notice within all departments of the organisation.

Success story

‘By using AuraPortal we reduced the turnaround time for delivering ethernet and IP connections from several days to 10 minutes. An enormous saving in terms of costs but, more importantly, our NPS rose from 5.6 to 8.4.’ – KPN


Features van AuraPortal
AuraPortal offers you many possibilities and modules

Document Management

Document Management is part of all day-to-day activities within an organisation; document management is a component of AuraPortal and is thus immediately accessible in the processes.

Content Management

The Content Management module gives you an easy way of generating publications, newsflashes, articles and videos.

Business Rules

AuraPortal BPM software has an innovative approach with real Business Rules. Business Rules can be adapted on the fly or at scheduled times to new legislation, for instance.

Deep Business Intelligence

The Deep Business Intelligence module is a tool with which you can carry out powerful analyses to monitor the standard of your processes. And easily show them in charts and dashboards.

Data Management & Analysis

The Data Management & Analysis module allows you to manage and analyse the complete information flow in your organisation.

AuraPortal Servicebus

A crucial aspect of AuraPortal is the Connectivity module. It creates the interface with each external IT system and database and monitors the message handling in your IT landscape.

External Users Workflow

You can also use the External Workflow to include your customers, partners and suppliers in your processes. As a consequence, you can see exactly what is going on in the supply chain as a whole.

In the cloud

Organise your business in the cloud. AuraPortal can be purchased as a cloud-based application. Quick and easy, and you make immediate savings on your operational expenses.

Document Management

Documents such as manuals, procedures and templates can be immediately used in the AuraPortal processes, as can media content. Where a process requires a document or media content, the file in question can be retrieved from the document management system. It is also possible to save content from the process in the document management system. The document management system supports content including archives, versioning, digital signatures, approvals, subscriptions for updates, content searches, discussions, audit trace, content publishing, etc.