Web en App development


Mobile Apps

In the projects relating to the optimisation of business processes, situations may arise that call for additional technological aspects. Consider consulting information via an App, a dashboard or a digital order form that is considered a unique file for the entire information/production chain. As technology is in our DNA, we are in a position to offer these additional services, either in the context of process optimisation or as a stand-alone project.

With our specific know-how relating to web security, platform-independent app development, front-end design, geo-location, domotics/RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) on the one hand, and process management and unlocking information from your operational systems on the other, FourICT is the ideal partner for you in terms of achieving the solution that is best for you.​

Portals en Dashboards

In an ideal world, people would have access to the right amount of information in their work. However, what we often see is that the recipients have too much information at their fingertips, consequently losing their sense of control over their work. A properly configured management dashboard may, in such cases, be a viable solution. By systematically selecting and presenting pre-defined data (KPIs) you can regain control of the things that are relevant to you. Whether that is the day-to-day performance of your production systems, the capacity of your network or long-term quality improvement or optimisation processes, a well-configured dashboard offers you clarity at a glance.

To create dashboards and portals we use specialised tools such as Tableau, PowerBI and AuraPortal. With these you can design dynamic, interactive charts with extensive analysis and drill-down options.

Our Approach

We advocate a pragmatic working method that we like to refer as an ‘Agile’ framework, as a Scrum. We work in short iterations, together with the customer, towards the required situation. A great advantage of this approach is that we are rapidly able to get to the desired result. By safeguarding the positive aspects and correcting the negative experiences, we can quickly create a process with which we can translate customer requirements into a properly-functioning application.

Your wishes are set out in detail in a product backlog in the form of so-called user stories. The product backlog is actually the blueprint for the job as a whole. A single iteration, called a sprint in Agile/Scrum terminology, is filled with the user stories from the product backlog, as far as the team’s capacity allows this. At the end of a sprint, a working part of the final product is completed. This means that your company has an immediate return on its investment, and you can plough the experience straight back into a subsequent sprint. Scrum-based processes feature a daily meeting with a fixed time limit, in which we discuss specific achievements and impediments to further progress.

Our development platforms
The latest generation of platforms and tools:

Microsoft .Net Framework

Open source, cross-platform application framework for developing websites, apps, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things applications and the like.

AuraPortal iBPMS

Automate and optimise your business process simply and without programming, across the chain, both in-house and for customers and other third parties.


Create a reliable link between any system and your business processes that have been fed into AuraPortal, which is fully integrated with AuraPortal iBPMS. Available for use physically (on the premises) or in the cloud.


Link applications together throughout the business and increase productivity with the BizTalk server. Automate the implementation of your business processes and the work flow by linking your physical systems seamlessly with cloud applications.


Create advanced, dynamic web applications with a great user experience and look & feel.


Quickly and simply build native and hybrid apps for platforms including iOS and Android using a single programming code.

CMS Umbraco

A complete open-source content management system based on Microsoft technology, that can be fully adapted to your needs and requirements. And used for this website!

SQL Server

Build smart, business-critical applications using a scalable, hybrid database platform, in which everything is integrated, from advanced security to analytics.


Firebase gives you an on-line database, analytics, messaging and crash reporting, so that you can take rapid evasive action and keep your focus on your users.


Add interactive graphics to web pages and mobile apps. Highchart graphs are responsive and work on the basis of content adaptation.

Azure Cloud Services

Azure is a very extensive set of cloud-based services, with which developers and IT professionals can build, implement and manage applications, from simple mobile apps to complex web-based solutions.


Create dynamic, interactive business charts and portals for your customers on the basis of your business data and process information.


‘We can now easily plan our journeys and, because of the direct lines of communication with our drivers, they always have the relevant information while we, the schedulers, are always aware of the status of deliveries.’ – FourTRANS